I Will Not Be A Pawn

In I Will Not Be a Pawn, a prison corrections officer provides a unique perspective on the complex relationships and hierarchies of the prison system and how life behind bars has both changed and stayed the same. Joseph S. Spicer Sr. details his life both within the Department of Corrections and outside. His memoirs provide a powerful look at corruption and courage.

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Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your life.

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My name is Joseph S. Spicer I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan went to Detroit Northwestern High School and Graduated from there in 1982. I am a retired Correctional Officer who worked 29 years for the State of Michigan, I’m a award winning author for a book I self- published called “I Will Not Be A Pawn” that came out September 15th,2016 the book won an Award for best African American non- fiction in June 2017, from Indie Excellence books out of Beverly California and also was a finalist in a book awards in November 2017, for best “Multi cultural non-fiction” from Best Buy book awards, out of Glendale Arizona. This book was written due to the disturbing trend that I saw of young men and women constantly coming through the prison system as if it were a” rite of passage” for young people, the reading of the book should inspired them and caution them to think more as they take on a journey through life’s travel, to help them and their families understand how not to be a” pawn to the prison system” this is what caught the attention of those awards committee members, they recognized the importance of the reinforcing messages needed in parenting ,while dealing with the social issues within the family structure, I would not have written this book at all if I didn’t think it would be impactful to others within the community. I was an” All-City” high school basketball player from Detroit back in 1982. I constantly talk about the importance of young people being able to transitioning their thoughts and focus from athletics to other career opportunities, young people must understand the importance of making the proper decisions along their journey in life. I want to leave you with this quote “What have you done for others in life”? well this is my contribution,” a teaching tool in order to help others within their community.

Joseph Spicer Sr.

Readers say

I got this book before my 20th birthday, and I must admit it has influenced me into staying away from trouble and focusing on my future!! Specially living in the west side and seeing friends end up in prisons. Thank you joe for the heads up.


It was an honor working with you. I’m so glad you made it to the other side. I can’t wait to read your book!’

Angela Coudenys